Character strength comparison for Street Fighter 4

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • November 2, 2009 at 5:03 p.m. PST
Character strength comparison for Street Fighter 4 In an effort to compare how strong the fighters are, there's a new character strength chart for Street Fighter 4.

Here's a grab from the page to give a little background on what this is — and isn't.

Because it's difficult to create an apples to apples comparison for how strong each of the fighter's Special/EX Moves are when compared with the rest of the cast — these attacks were NOT factored in. When Specials/EX moves were in the charts, the numbers for projectile throwers and other low damage attacks skewed the results quite a bit.

Instead universal moves that all characters have like Hard attacks, Supers, Ultras, Throws and Focus Attacks were used to tabulate the data.

So while this will give you a general idea of how strong each of the characters are, it doesn't factor in things like recovery time, speed and the overall efficiency of a move. Some attacks may have really high damage, but are very difficult to land in an actual match.

Even if a character's overall strength rating here is low, it doesn't necessarily mean their damage capabilities are. Things like combos and how easy it is to connect with your attacks also play a very key role.

If you notice any errors or problems with the list, please send me a heads up via the contact form.

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