Japanese Street Fighter 4 blog hints at new version, again

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • May 29, 2009 at 3:21 p.m. PDT
Japanese Street Fighter 4 blog hints at new version, again The official Japanese Street Fighter 4 blog was updated today, and yet again they strongly hint at a sequel or upgrade coming in the near future.

FallenAngel, on the Shoryuken.com boards, was gracious enough to translate parts of the post. Here's the breakdown.
• Shiowaza san hints again and again at the possibility of a Street Fighter 4 sequel/upgrade.

• It's assumed we'll see it in less than a year (arcade Japanese version at least).

• The blog author says that today she has nothing to write about, not because she has no more news or material to talk about, but because she can't talk about it at this time.

• She writes that Street Fighter 4 producer Yoshinori Ono will be appearing at this year's Super Battle Opera (Tougeki) in a video message to the community. Shiowaza says that she has, "no idea," what the message is about but seeing him preparing it makes her feel that it's something "out of the ordinary," and that "something's being planned." Then she recommends not missing this year's Super Battle Opera.

• Shiowaza also mentioned that they'll be revealing "new information" about the PC version of SF4.
Just to follow up, nothing has been confirmed here for sure, but a sequel or upgrade was hinted at several times. This builds on the hype in a previous post that strongly suggests something new is in the works for SF4.

If you're not familiar with Super Battle Opera (Tougeki), it's a giant fighting game tournament held in Japan each year, much like the EVO Championship Series here in the U.S.
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