Svensson on why Street Fighter 4 won't have cross platform play

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • May 5, 2009 at 1:07 a.m. PDT | Comments: 0
Svensson on why Street Fighter 4 won't have cross platform play Christian Svensson gave a few more details on why cross platform play won't be a reality for Street Fighter 4. Here are his comments, along with a few other subjects from the Unity Boards.
Why won't there be cross play between XBox 360 and PC Street Fighter IV players?

Sven: Supporting crossplay in any game is not trivial by any stretch.

It also means a commitment to version locking where if you update one platform, you have to update the other too. And costs of doing so are also not trivial.

Additionally, schedule is a factor. If we wanted to go that route, it would have meant an even greater delay in the product arrival.

Will the PC SF4 game have improved net code?

Sven: To the best of my knowledge, it's identical net code.

Is there any chance of Capcom re-releasing Rival Schools?

Seth: Re-releases are not always as cinchy as they sound, but I do agree [Rival Schools] has some fun potential to reach an audience. The downside is that time has not been as kind to its 3D graphics, and while sprite-based work can still seem interesting and even nostalgic, some of the Rival Schools models just look a little rough.

We've also got a LOT of fighting options available right now, so we want to be able to focus on each of them without just flooding the market with our entire back catalog. [...]
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