Seth on Street Fighter 4's inputs, character poll & 3rd Strike HD Remix

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • May 3, 2009 at 12:47 a.m. PDT
Seth on Street Fighter 4's inputs, character poll & 3rd Strike HD Remix Seth Killian posted details as to why additional shortcuts are added to Street Fighter games to make moves easier to execute, if the Street Fighter 4 character poll was legit, and what if anything is going on with a possible Street Fighter 3 Third Strike HD Remix.
Why are the inputs for moves in Street Fighter IV dumbed down? I accidentally do moves I don't want to do.

Seth: I know where you're coming from, but it's not as simple as "shortcuts on/off" -- almost every iteration of Street Fighter has adjusted the command inputs, both in terms of the input window, and the exact types of input that will produce the special. SFIV is no different in this respect.

The good part is that, being a more serious player, you're also able to notice the subtle differences and make some small adjustments where necessary (like with the accidental teleports (though I find I don't have the issue after updating with Championship Mode -- check that out for yourself...).

The overall result is that more users are able to execute the specials and have fun. This isn't "dumbing down," so much as it's just different. Were [Street Fighter 2's] controls "dumbed down" from [Street Fighter 1's]? You could look at it that way, I guess, since it's easier to do SF2 specials than SF1s, but I look at it as a straight up improvement/usability increase. Time will tell whether we judge SFIV's controls the same way, but yeah -- same issue in every single SF (including HD Remix!).

Was the Street Fighter 4 character poll was legit? Meaning that Cammy was in the game due to the fact that she won the poll?

(Ed. Here are those poll results.)

1. Cammy - 43%
2. Sakura - 15%
3. Dan - 12%
4. Fei Long - 8%
5. Ibuki - 7%
5. Hugo - 7%
6. Dee Jay - 4%
7. T. Hawk - 1%

Seth: [...] The poll was, believe it or not, not BS. There were a number of characters at various stages of rudimentary development both before and during the poll, but as you can ascertain from Ono's comments, some were then developed and added into the game, while others were not, and the effect of your voices is pretty clear from the final product's lineup.

And just to stave off the rumor train here, no, that doesn't mean there are a bunch of finished or semi-finished characters sitting around just waiting to be added as DLC or something. The level of polish, balance, and refinement that went into SFIV should hopefully make clear the difference between putting in wireframes and some rudimentary collision and being anywhere near a finished, living, breathing SFIV character.

I know it's more fun for some to believe in evil corporate conspiracy than to think we do actually care about what you say, but hopefully our track record of fan-service over the last few years, PARTICULARLY with fighting games, will put you nearer the truth. Just because we can't always do everything that you ask for every brand doesn't mean we aren't listening -- like it or not, we are.

What are the chances we'll see a Street Fighter 3 Third Strike HD Remix?

Seth: We get this suggestion a lot (HD Remix for 3s), and we've considered it. Some of our concerns are the same as those already mentioned here: 3s had a huge number of animated frames, making it very expensive and time-cosuming to "HD Remix."

It was a popular game with a dedicated constituency, but was also pretty alienating to newer players, but mostly I think we just have a lot of offerings for dedicated Street Fighters, right?

There's HD Remix, SFIV, and MVC2, just to name a few, and there may be some more good news for Capcom fighting fans in the future... who knows? 8)
Source: Capcom-Unity forums
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