PC SFIV DRM will differ based on where you buy it

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • May 3, 2009 at 12:28 a.m. PDT
PC SFIV DRM will differ based on where you buy it Christian Svensson was on the Capcom-Unity forums offering up information on other digital avenues you'll be able to purchase Street Fighter IV through along with how that will factor in with what type of DRM (Digital Rights Management) is included with the game.

Also he covers how sales of current titles will affect future games.
Which places will distribute SFIV for the PC?

Sven: SFIV will be distributed on Steam, Gamersgate, Direct2Drive, Digital River (including capcom.com, nvidia.com, bestbuy.com, etc.), Metaboli, Gametap, Impusle and others.

Online play will be provided by Games for Windows Live.

Please understand, there is a difference between distribution mechanism and online services provision.

What DRM will the PC version of SFIV use?

Sven: The Steam version will use Steam's DRM. Retail will use SecuROM. Other digital outlets will use either SecuROM or that specific outlet's proprietary DRM mechanism (for those that have them). Games for Windows keys will be required for online play, regardless of outlet.

As such, all versions will have some form of DRM (regardless of how you choose to define DRM).

Is it possible to purchase a retail version, but instead of installing it, I take the key and enter that in Steam, just to prevent using SecuROM? Or do I have to stick to SecuROM with the retail version? — Shoryufail

Sven: Nope. Retail and Steam will be separate.

Does releasing yummy Capcom games affect sales of other yummy Capcom games? — Chen Li Cha

Sven: The answer is, yes. The release of new Capcom games does affect the sales of games already on sale, though not always how you might expect.

At times, a good experience with one game (e.g. 1942: Joint Strike) may lead to the purchase of another (e.g. Wolf of the Battlefied: Commando 3), even long after the title release windows. Similarly, our hope is that people who enjoyed HD Remix (and there are a LOT of them) will enjoy MvC2. Does that mean MvC2 will crush HD Remix? There's likely to be a short term impact around release, but again, our hope is for people who liked what they got from MvC2 but didn't buy HD Remix the first time around, may eventually be converted customers.

You'd think HD Remix would have crushed Hyper Fighting sales... and it has reduced the pre-HDR plateau number slightly, but here we are approaching the third anniversary of Hyper Fighting, and we're still selling loads of Hyper Fighting, even when there is a "superior" product on XBL Marketplace.

Then we get into the possibility of bundling and other clever promotions. These are a lot more prevalent on the PC than they are on consoles today, but I'd expect that to change over time. Because there's no inventory to move around, and no retail buyer to convince to restock, these titles never go off sale.

We've seen how interesting promotions, or limited time pricing strategies can drastically alter the sales curves (and thus overall revenue) of titles, even years after release.

At the same time, we have our Capcom store on the US PSN. Having the ability to merchandise our titles together, is a really powerful tool. So in that regard, the MORE content we have to showcase, the higher the likelihood we're going to attract someone new to the Capcom fan pool, who will hopefully be looking for similarly high quality experiences.

And we're still learning what works best. All of this, is a learning process. No one has the answers... but we're getting a better understanding every day.
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