Street Fighter 4 Championship Edition all but officially confirmed

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • June 19, 2009 at 6:56 p.m. PDT
Street Fighter 4 Championship Edition all but officially confirmed FallenAngel on the boards has translated a recent post from the Japanese Street Fighter 4 development blog, where they again heavily talk about an update to Street Fighter 4.

Here's the run down.
* More hints by Capcom of a Street Fighter 4 sequel, they even refer to it as SF 4 Dash, which is the Japanese name from Championship Edition.

* Shiowaza says she realizes Karin is very popular but she would like Ibuki to be added. Cody is also mentioned as a possibility.

* Someone says that the arcade version seems faster than the console release. Shiowaza answers that they both run at the same speed.

* Bonus stages (smashing the car, etc.) will probably be added in the next iteration.

* Capcom says that in Trial Mode they wanted to add a function where it would demonstrate how the combo should be done. They will add that next time.

* There are no plans for stage background music DLC right now.

* PC version automatically determines language by reading Windows language preferences. If you have Windows in English, SF4 will be installed in English. The game supports English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Korean.

* Talk about people double dipping (already bought console version, thinking about buying PC version). Capcom obviously says go for it, the extra touch brushes look great and the leaderboards are different, so you get a new start.

* A PC with all the recommended specs for SF4 will be released, at least in Japan.

* Capcom is paying attention to all the suggestions/requests posted in the blog and the internet in general.

*One question about the, "great merchandise available overseas," (It's assumed these are the Tournament Edition / Standard Edition Mad Catz sticks) Shiowaza says that Japan will have their own goods soon.

* Arcade version: Your Battle Points (BP) decrease over time if you don't play often. After a month goes by without you playing vs. fights, BP is deducted every week.

* There is no way to do blind character picks in the PC version. Shiowaza says consoles don't have this either. Championship mode has this right?

* "Compared to today's fighting games, SF4 is pretty easy to get into, but some things are still very difficult for beginners". Capcom says that it's hard to maintain a balance there.
Considering this is the third time the Japanese Development staff has heavily talked about an update to the game, you can pretty much take this as confirmation that there will be an upgrade to Street Fighter 4 released in the future.

Rumor has it that the game will be officially revealed to players at this year's Super Battle Opera (Tougeki), which takes place from August 14 - 16.
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