Dee Jay & T. Hawk sound files in Street Fighter 4 benchmark tool

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • June 15, 2009 at 11:13 a.m. PDT
Dee Jay & T. Hawk sound files in Street Fighter 4 benchmark tool AceKombat on the SRK boards discovered that audio related to Dee Jay and T. Hawk (.mp3) is in the Street Fighter 4 benchmark tool.

While this audio file is about as exciting as a wet napkin — although "The character color has changed, watch out!" is one of the most ridiculously awesome warnings I've heard — it does show that Capcom at least went through the trouble of having their announcer lay down some audio on those character's behalves.

We know from an earlier interview that T. Hawk and Dee Jay were a few steps away from being added to the game, but also that Seth Killian later on added on the subject...

[...] that doesn't mean there are a bunch of finished or semi-finished characters sitting around just waiting to be added as DLC or something. The level of polish, balance, and refinement that went into SFIV should hopefully make clear the difference between putting in wireframes and some rudimentary collision and being anywhere near a finished, living, breathing SFIV character.

None the less, these guys may end up being two of the characters added assuming there's an upgrade/sequel in the near future, because it seems like a solid amount of work was done on T. Hawk and Dee Jay already.

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