Review: IGN Insider Evo 2009 videos

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • July 26, 2009 at 1:33 a.m. PDT | Comments: 1
Review: IGN Insider Evo 2009 videos IGN Insider has started to post their Evolution Fighting Game Championship 2009 videos. Access to IGN Insider for a year will run you $15 with this special offer, but the big question is, "is it worth it?"

For starters, the quality on the videos is very nice. This is a direct feed from the console machines and they're streamed through IGN's web player. If you want even higher quality, at least for the Street Fighter IV finals, you can download HD matches in .wmv format at 1280x720 resolution.
This is a stark contrast to the original UStream videos which run at an atrociously low frame rate. Seriously, I'd compare those uStream clips to being stabbed in the eye and then trying to watch hot women dance around in skimpy clothing. On one hand, you really want to watch what's going on, but damn — it hurts.

IGN's Evo movies also feature overlays to identify the players and a solid interface that lets you skip around to specific matches and games to see the stuff you're interested in.

Sometimes they also cut to the players and crowd between rounds or when they do interesting things, which is kind of cool.

The audio and commentary is the same thing you heard through UStream, just cleaned up a bit so it's a little easier to decipher.

Early word is it will be several weeks before all of the matches have been posted but the person who's handling the video has stated every match that was on the big screen from Friday and Saturday will be making its way online. So those of you hoping for at least some matches of the semi-finals or earlier sets will get to see a few of them, eventually, but a lot of the gaming took place off of the big screen, so there's only going to be a few select matches available from the pools and semi-finals.

Bottom Line

What you're paying for is high quality videos. While the other features are alright, what should make or break this decision for you is if you want to see these matches at a good frame rate/high resolution.

And a little side note here: A few of the people who run Evo have said subscribing to IGN Insider is currently the best way to support next year's tournament. So if supporting Evo is something that's important to you, this might impact your decision.

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