PC Street Fighter 4 leaderboard problems, alt. costumes soon

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • July 26, 2009 at 5:46 p.m. PDT
PC Street Fighter 4 leaderboard problems, alt. costumes soon Capcom is still exploring their options on what they can do to handle the PC Street Fighter IV leaderboard hackers and Christian Svensson also stated that owners of the game can expect alternative costumes on the MS Marketplace soon.

Here's his comments from the Capcom Forums.
Will there be a new Street Fighter title. Here are a bunch of suggestions. [...]

Sven: Thanks for the suggestions. Obviously the Street Fighter series isn't over but alas, I have no news to share about potential future titles or their designs at this time. We'll take your feedback to heart though.

Is there anything that's going to be done about the SFIV PC leaderboard hackers? I've seen nothing so far. Are you ever going to do anything?

Sven: We know what they're doing and how their doing it. I'm discussing options with Microsoft and the team on an ongoing basis. Do not assume "nothing" will be done about it given enough time.

Will the PC version of SF4 get the costume packs that the consoles had?

Sven: We're waiting for Microsoft to make the "official" alternative character costumes available via [the] Marketplace. I don't have a timeline but I would think it should be "soon" (TM).
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