Day 1 and 2 Street Fighter 4, HD Remix results Evo 2009

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • July 19, 2009 at 2:49 a.m. PDT
Day 1 and 2 Street Fighter 4, HD Remix results Evo 2009
Day 2 Street Fighter IV Semi-Finals Results

Summary: The SF4 Semi-Finals today were filled with some exciting matches and exceptional play. By far the two players who had the best performances though were Justin Wong and Diago Umehara.

Both players consistently controlled their matches, and while they had a few close calls here and there, it was rare when you got the sense that either player was going to lose a round. For the most part, these two seemed to be playing in another league.

Eduardo "Vvv scrub" Perez-frangie from Puerto Rico definitely deserves special mention. He played an outstanding Boxer through the day. Lots of great pressure and anti airs, coupled with great use of his Crouching/Standing Light Punch kept opponents off guard. He's someone to look out for in the next round of the competition if he can keep up the level of play we saw today.

Here's how the Top 8 shook out along with their main character(s).

Winners Bracket:
Justin Wong (Rufus, Abel)
Daigo Umehara (Ryu)
Ed Ma (Akuma)
Eduardo "Vvv scrub" Perez-frangie (Boxer)

Losers Bracket:
Ricky Ortiz (Boxer, Sagat)
Takashi "Dan from Japan" Hukushi (Ryu)
Sanford "Santhrax" Kelly (Akuma)
Long "ShadyK" Tran (Akuma)

Day 2 Street Fighter IV Semi-Finals Results Recap

Winners Bracket: How the Top 4 got there

Justin "Marvelous" Wong (Rufus)
  • 1st round: Defeated Chris Hu (Ryu) 2-0. Dominate performance by Justin. This was the kind of match that showed you how nutty good Justin is because he controlled the majority of the set even though he made some mistakes.

  • 2nd round: Defeated Matthew "Dentron" Darrow (Cammy) 2-0. He destroyed Dentron.

  • 3rd round: Defeated Raymond "Kai" Tang (El Fuerte) 2-0. Justin very convincingly beat a great player, scary.

  • Final round: Defeated Peter "Combo fiend" Rosas (C. Viper) 2-0. Justin controlled the match most of the way through. This win clinched a Top 8 Winners Bracket spot for Wong.
Daigo "The Beast" Umehara (Ryu)
  • 1st round: Defeated Ricky "Kit" Tam (Chun Li) 2-1. This was a GREAT game, very close and competitive. Ricky surprised a lot of people with how potent his Chun Li was against Daigo.

  • 2nd round: Defeated Neng Her (Sagat) 2-0. Easy set for Daigo.

  • 3rd round: Defeated Trace Prewitt (Sagat) 2-0. Umehara had a nice performance here, took out Trace fairly quickly.

  • Final round: Defeated Johann "IIDX_UTJ" Agnir (Dhalsim) 2-0, after starting slow Daigo turned it on and dominated.
Ed "The Master" Ma (Akuma)
  • 1st round: Defeated Alexander Sanchez. This match was not on the big screen.

  • 2nd round: Defeated John Choi (Ryu) 2-0. John Choi's joystick cord was yanked out of the system, so he received a one round penalty in one of the sets, but Ed Ma played very well.

  • 3rd round: Defeated Rahsaan Dusuau (Seth, C. Viper) 2-1. This was one of the most hyped sets you'll see. Crowd went nuts at several points. Rahsaan started off strong with Seth, kept Ed at a distance and really controlled things. Ed Ma made a nice come back in set 2 and Rahsaan counter picked with Viper which didn't pan out too well.

  • Final round: Defeated Long "ShadyK" Tran (Akuma) 2-1. Akuma mirror match.
Eduardo "Vvv scrub" Perez-frangie (Boxer)
  • 1st round: Defeated Ari "Floe" Weintraub. This match was not on the big screen.

  • 2nd round: Defeated Alex Valle (Ryu) 2-0. This was a darn good match, shocker for a lot of people. Eduardo is from Puerto Rico, and had a great mix of offense and defense. He definitely outplayed Valle here.

  • 3rd round: Not known at this point who Perez beat in round 3.

  • Final round: Defeated Martin "Marn" Phan (Rufus, C. Viper) 2-0. After a competitive match against Rufus, Marn switched to C. Viper and got beat even worse.

Losers Bracket: How the Top 4 got there

Takashi "Dan from Japan" Hukushi (Ryu)
  • 1st round: Defeated Jason "Afrocole" Isiah (Dhalsim, Boxer). Jason switched to Balrog after he lost the first set, but Dan was very aggressive and beat him.

  • 2nd round: Lost to Alex "Sin" Salguero (Rufus) 2-1. Competitive set, was back and forth, but Sin pulled it out.

  • (Losers) Takashi "Dan from Japan" Hukushi had to win some other games in here to advance in Losers, but the full match results aren't in yet.

  • (Losers) (?) round: Defeated Peter "Combo fiend" Rosas (C. Viper) 2-1. Close game, but Peter whiffed an Ultra while trying to combo and Dan later took the set.
Long "ShadyK" Tran (Akuma)
  • 1st round: Defeated Paul "Somuchdamage" Tsai (Sagat). 2-1.

  • 2nd round: Unknown.

  • 3rd round: Unknown.

  • Final round: Lost to Ed Ma (Akuma) in a mirror match.

  • (Losers) Final round: Defeated Alex "Sin" Salguero (Rufus) 2-0.
Sanford "Santhrax" Kelly (Akuma)
  • (Losers) 1st round: Bye.

  • (Losers) Unknown who Sanford beat to advance through Losers until the final match.

  • (Losers) Final round: Defeated Johann "IIDX_UTJ" Agnir (Dhalsim) 2-1.

Ricky Ortiz
  • (Losers) 1st round: Bye.

  • (Losers) Unknown who Ricky defeated to advance through Losers.

Other matches on the big screen

Here's brief recaps of the other matches that were played on the big screen during the Street Fighter 4 Semi-Finals.

• Sanford "Santhrax" Kelly (Akuma) eliminated Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez (Seth, Dhalsim). Martin "Marn" Phan (C. Viper) eliminated Gootecks Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez (Boxer).

• Peter "Combo fiend" Rosas (C. Viper) beat Alex "Sin" Salguero (Rufus) 2-0.

• Martin "Marn" Phan (Rufus) beat Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez (Seth). Arturo controlled large portions of this set, but Marn capitalized on some mistakes by Arturo to take it.

• Issei "Chomezaburo" Suzuki (Akuma) beats Jason "The Future" Nelson (E. Honda, Boxer) 2-0.

• Peter "Combo fiend" Rosas (Akuma) beat Campbell "Buktooth" Tran (El Fuerte) 2-0. Combo Fiend didn't choose C. Viper, which is unusual, but rumor had it Buktooth had beaten his Viper before. Peter's Akuma had a very good showing here.

• Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez (Boxer) eliminated Danny "Gran calc" Duong (Boxer) 2-0. Ryan simply outplayed Danny.

• UTJ (Dhalsim) beat Eric "Juicebox" Albino (Abel) 2-0. Had some close rounds, but UTJ definitely had the better showing.

• Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez (Dhalsim) defeated Mike Ross (E. Honda) 2-0. It was a dominate set by his Dhalsim, very good defensive keep away game and nice use of teleports.

• Andre "Jaye-go" Lambert (Dictator) beat Mike Wattson (Ryu) 2-0. Andre won pretty convincingly. Crowd taunted Watson by chanting "You just don't know."

• Martin "Marn" Phan (C. Viper, Rufus) beats Jeremy "Vicious" Lopez (Rufus) 2-1. Marn switched to Rufus after losing the second match and pulled it out.

• Eric "Juicebox" Albino (Abel) beats Joe "Iloveu" Ciaramelli (Sagat) 2-0. Very exciting match, Juicebox wins convincingly.

• Raymond "Kai" Tang (El Fuerte) defeats Jerry "Thejerrbear" Phanthamany (Zangief) 2-1.

• Billy Nguyen (Ryu) beat Eric Lee (Sagat) 2-0.

• John Choi (Ryu) beats Joshua "Josh p" Pryor (Blanka) 2-0.

• Frank "Djfrankfresh" Puzon Jr. (Blanka) beat Trent "Tr3nt" Van deven (Sagat). 2-0.

Day 2 HD Remix Semi-Finals Results

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Top 8

Winners Bracket:
John Choi
Hung "Afro Legends" Nguyen
David Sirlin

Losers Bracket:
Alex Valle
Damien "Damdai" Dailidenas
Alex "Sin" Salguero
Graham Wolfe

Matt "BBH" Hall (Ryu) beat Alex Valle (Dictator) 2-0, but the second set was fairly close. Valle was eliminated from the HDR tournament with the loss.

John Choi (Ryu) defeated Julian Beasley (Vega, Chun Li) — Choi who is clearly one of the favorites to win the HDR tournament — had a very strong showing and beat a good player convincingly.

Thelo (E. Honda) defeated Jason Cole (Dhalsim). Cole started off with a good defensive set, but ended up giving up ground to Thelo's Honda, who took full advantage.

Graham Wolfe (Boxer) eliminated Daigo Umehara (Ryu) from the HDR tournament. There were some great reversal moves early on from both ends, but Graham pulled off some impressive rush down tactics against Daigo — who missed a few reversals later on and lost.

Daigo Umehara (Ryu) beat NKI (Dictator) 2-0. NKI is a legendary player as well, but Daigo was VERY dominate in this match and NKI was eliminated from the tournament.

Afro Legends (Boxer) defeated Alex Valle (Dictator) 2-0. It was a competitive match, but Afro did a lot of Uppercut Rushes into throws which consistently gave him an advantage.

David Sirlin (Vega) defeated Bruce L.B. (Dee Jay) 2-0. Bruce had some good anti air moves, but Sirlin made more adjustments, got around his anti airs and countered his tick throw attempts consistently to win.

Hugo (Boxer) beat Orochi Zoolander (Dee Jay). Zoolander didn't throw a lot of Max Outs and Balrog got inside consistently and won the match very convincingly. Zoolander was eliminated from the HD Remix tournament.

Daigo Umehara (Ryu) played Ryan Hart (Ryu). Ryan is a UK Champion and a great player in his own right, but Daigo beat him 2-0 in a VERY competitive and close set, easily one of the best HD Remix matches so far.

Afro Legends (Boxer) defeated Alex Kelly (Guile) 2-0.

David Sirlin (Fei Long) who is HD Remix's lead producer beat Orochi Zoolander (Sagat, Dictator) 2-1 in the winners bracket. Sirlin has argued Fei Long is an underrated character in HDR, and is playing him a lot in this tournament.

Sweet Johhny V (Dhalsim) defeated JJJ (Guile) to advance.

Jay "Viscant" Snyder (Vega) was eliminated from HD Remix competition by Matt Hall (Dictator). Matt advances by going 2-0.

Ryu1999 who uses a modified keyboard in a joystick box (there's no stick, strictly buttons), and plays Ryu won his first round Semi-Finals match in HD Remix, beating NothingXS, who's a Vega player.

Daigo Umehara lost his first round Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix match up against Robert "Cactuar" Benge. Diago played Guile and Robert played Vega (Claw).

Daigo seemed to have trouble adjusting to the new changes that were made in the game (like Vega's Fake Wall Dive), but he was able to climb out of the losers bracket after the loss to get into the losers qualifying bracket.

Day 1 Street Fighter 4 Results

We've posted the early results for this year's Street Fighter 4 competition at EVO. Note that a Winners: prefix means that the players won the winners bracket and a Losers: prefix means they won the losers bracket.

The players listed in these areas all advance into the Street Fighter 4 Semi-Finals, into their respective brackets.

Some of the pools include information about other interesting things that happened in parts of the event.

Pool 1

Winners: Matt "Bbh" Hall — Haaris Abbasi
Losers: David-Paul "Jibbo" Mattock (Gen) — James Pirring (Ryu/Rufus)

• Capcom's Seth Killian was knocked out of winners in the 3rd round, and he lost his next match in the losers bracket eliminating him for the tournament.
Pool 2

Winners: Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez (Seth, Dhalsim) — Jeremy "Vicious" Lopez
Losers: Ryan "Prodigal son" Hart — Daniel "Scrubydan" Chung (Sagat)

•'s Richard Li lost in the 2nd round of the winners bracket, but won a few matches in losers, but later on was eliminated in 6th round of the bracket.
• Ryan Hart was knocked out of winners by Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez in the final round of the winners bracket.
Pool 3

Winners: Rob "Weak SauC3" Stevens — Matthew "Pieguy" Pi (E. Honda)
Losers: Brian "Talon silver" Crickmore — Jose "Frodo" Llera
Pool 4

Winners: Alex "Calipower" Valle (Ryu) — Danny "Tatsujinken" Le
Losers: Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez (Boxer) — Alex "AlexMan" Julio

• Alex Valle beat Gootecks in the 4th round of the winners bracket, and later on beat Alex Julio in the final round of the winners bracket.
Pool 5

Winners: Eduardo "Vvv scrub" Perez-frangie (Boxer) — Douglas "Dougseason" Deng
Losers: Hung "Hungbee" Han — Ildefonso "Smoothcat" Monteiro (Chun Li)

• Hung "Hungbee" Han lost to Eduardo "Vvv scrub" Perez-frangie in the 3rd round of winners, but was able to climb out of the losers bracket to grab a qualifying spot.
Pool 6

Winners: Frank "Djfrankfresh" Puzon Jr. — Javits "Jav1ts" Arias
Losers: Neidel "Haunts" Crisan (Sagat) — Mike "Watts" Watson (Ryu)

• Neidel "Haunts" Crisan beat Mike Watson in the 3rd round of the winners bracket, but later lost to Andrew "Lamerboi" Nguyen.
• Andrew "Lamerboi" Nguyen was knocked out of losers bracket by Mike Watson.
Pool 7

Winners: Skye Thomsen — Anthony "Crackfiend" Nguyen (Boxer)
Losers: Damien "Damdai" Dailidenas — Amir Amirsaleh

• Crackfiend beat Amir Amirsaleh in the final round of the winners bracket.
Pool 8

Winners: James "Peachy" Siew — Ed Ma (Akuma)
Losers: Long "Lpn" Nguyen (Dictator, Ken) — Liston "Prince of India" Parasram

• Graham Wolfe was knocked down to losers in the 3rd round by Chris "Neremixed" Lagade. Later on Graham lost his losers bracket game and was eliminated.
• Long "Lpn" Nguyen beat Chris "Neremixed" Lagade in losers.
Pool 9

Winners: John Choi (Ryu) — Alexander Sanchez
Losers: John "Fireballtrap" Rothgeb (Guile?) — Jonathan "N3m0n1c" Salem

• Ian Cofino (the guy who did the 'I Got Next' documentary) was knocked out of the winners bracket in the first round by John Choi, rough luck on the draw there. He was later knocked out in the 3rd round losers bracket.
Pool 10

Winners: Billy Nguyen — Eric "Hollasaurusrex" Lee
Losers: Vincent N — Kwang il "One" Sung

• Billy Nguyen beat Mike "Moval" Ortiz in the last round of the winners bracket. Vincent N knocked Moval out of the tournament in the last round of the losers bracket.
Pool 11

Winners: Jeff "Tanaka force" Tanaka (Ryu) — Long "ShadyK" Tran
Losers: Ricky Ortiz (Boxer, Sagat) — Jensel "Magneto Maniac" Diaz

• Ricky Ortiz was beaten by Alexander "Googlemyname" Jebailey in the 4th round of the winners bracket, but Long "Shadyk" Tran ended up beating Googlemyname to advance.
• Jensel Diaz knocked Googlemyname out of the tournament to advance.
• Joey "Mrwizard" Cuellar (the guy behind was beaten in the 2nd round in the winners bracket and knocked out the tournament in his next match.
Pool 12

Winners: Paul "Somuchdamage" Tsai (Sagat) — Brandon "Dr.chaos" Ellerbee (Ken)
Losers: Adam "Bebop" Tavale — Keno Caesar (Boxer)
Pool 13

Winners: Farid "Eph" Rouya (Dhalsim) — Matthew "Dentron" Darrow
Losers: Jan "Jangief" Michael del rio — J Nelson
Pool 14

Winners: Chris Hu — Jerry "Thejerrbear" Phanthamany
Losers: Hsien "God hand" Chang — Jack "Masarap" Waller (Ryu)
Pool 15

Winners: Raymond "Kai" Tang (El Fuerte) — Danny "Gran calc" Duong
Losers: Alex "Cajunstrike" Roski (Sagat) — Ernest Woo
Pool 16

Winners: Alex "Sin" Salguero (Rufus) — Tony "Vietnamazing" Huynh (Cammy, Sagat)
Losers: James "Leviathan" Wang — Sanford "Santhrax" Kelly (Akuma)
Pool 17

Winners: Takashi "Dan from Japan" Hukushi (Ryu) — Kyle "Dagger_g" Okamoto (Guile)
Losers: Joey "Joey aka the boss" Trono — Kevin "Dieminion" Landon
Pool 18

Winners: Campbell "Buktooth" Tran (El Fuerte) — Peter "Combo fiend" Rosas (C. Viper)
Losers: Michael "Scunsion" Ascunsion — Ricky "Rickstah" Uehara (Dhalsim)
Pool 19

Winners: Johann Agnir — J.R. "Pikachuakuma" Rodriguez (Akuma)
Losers: Gabriel Ong — Pedro "Flashmetroid" Susini (C. Viper)
Pool 20

Winners: Joe "Iloveu" Ciaramelli (Sagat) — Ric "Saqs" Collins (Rose)
Losers: Reymundo "Rjizzle" Garces Jr. — Logan "Amodf" Sharp
Pool 21

Winners: Jason "The Future" Nelson — Issei "Chomezaburo" Suzuki
Losers: Jay "Viscant" Snyder (Blanka, Dhalsim, Zangief) — Henry "Censei" Cen
Pool 22

Winners: John "Lifetimeboy" Huffman — Neng Her
Losers: Daniel "Holden_makok" Realyvasquez — Andre "Jaye-go" Lambert
Pool 23

Winners: Ricky "Kit" Tam — Trace Prewitt
Losers: Renzo "Peru" Vigo — Kenneth "Guyofkaillera" Tate
Pool 24

Winners: Eliver "Killerkai" Ling — Victor "Victheslik" Denchartphan
Losers: Nicholas "Xyourmasterx" Farquharson — Walter "Entity" James
Seeded Players

Players that won Evo qualifier tournaments earlier in the year have already been seeded in the Semi-Finals, they are:

• Daigo "The Beast" Umehara (Ryu), Justin "Marvelous" Wong (Rufus, Abel), Mike "Thegreaterforce" Ross (E. Honda), Martin "Marn" Phan (C. Viper), Ari "Floe" Weintraub (Sagat), Rahsaan "Evil rahsaan" Dusuau, Andrew "Rex0r" Rexroat, Jason "Afrocole" Isiah, Trent "Tr3nt" Van deven (Zangief?), Joshua "Josh p" Pryor, Eric Kim, Jacob "Jakob002" Davis and Eric "Juicebox" Albino.

You can scope out detailed bracket results for all games here.

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