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Seth comments on PS3 Street Fighter 4 load times

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • January 13, 2009 at 8:12 p.m. PST • Comments: 0
Seth comments on PS3 Street Fighter 4 load times Seth Killian was on the Unity Boards recently to clear up some things about the PlayStation 3 version of Street Fighter 4, here are his comments.
What's up with the load times on Playstation 3 version of Street Fighter IV?

Seth: The recently shown builds were final in terms of contents, but were not actual retail discs. They are development ROM discs, which play on development kits.

Dev kit units are known to be a bit trickier than retail, and things occasionally have odd glitches there, but regardless of any she-said, he-said nonsense, when everything is working right, nobody noticed any differences between PS3 and Xbox load times (this was explicitly measured by Gamespot during TGS, since they couldn't find any graphical differences to complain about, but they didn't see load time differences either).

Capcom had PS3 and Xbox SFIV running literally side by side all week at CES with no shame -- if there had been some loading difference between the two the hundreds of press who came through would have been all over it, and we might have even tried to avoid putting the two machines near one another.

We didn't because the game loads perfectly fast on both systems, especially if you opt for the installation on PS3.

Is an install required for the PS3 version of SFIV?

Seth: The install is optional, for those who want to shave a sliver off of load times between matches :)
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