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EGM's Street Fighter IV cover feature

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • January 9, 2009 at 9:49 a.m. PST • Comments: 0
EGM's Street Fighter IV cover feature It was a truly sad day when the new owners of EGM decided to cancel the magazine, even without so much as a farewell issue, but the former staff members are still going strong online and they've put up their Street Fighter IV cover story that would have run in the next issue.

While the article isn't earth shaking, they do flesh out some of the new modes that will be available in the game, and considering all EGM has done over the years to cover Capcom fighting games, it's certainly worth checking out.

Here's a small clip from the piece.
Of course, the Time Attack and Survival modes are pretty self-explanatory (you earn extra time based on your performance in the Time Attack mode -- or, in the case of Survival mode, health).

But the Trial mode's pretty interesting -- it actually teaches you to play SF4 by making you complete specific combos for each character.

A challenge with Blanka asks you to jump in with a heavy kick, follow it up with a crouching medium kick and a light punch, and then finish it up with a heavy rolling attack. This mode's a great way for newcomers to learn how to play effectively.
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