Capcom gauging interest for Darkstalkers HD Remix

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • August 5, 2009 at 5:03 p.m. PDT
Capcom gauging interest for Darkstalkers HD Remix In a post a little while back, someone asked Capcom if there was any chance they'd be making a Darkstalkers HD Remix title.

Vice President, Christian Svensson, wrote back to gauge how many interested fans there were in the project.

A number of people replied, and Christian later thanked them for the support, and from that point on nothing has been said about the potential game from Capcom's end.

As far as creating another HD Remixed title, it seems like the game would have to be VERY compelling, because of the amount of effort that it took to re-create SSF2T HD Remix. Svensson had this to say on the topic.
"SSF2T HDR was a very large project with far more moving parts than pretty much anyone expected at the outset."

Because this title ended up being a lot bigger than expected, recouping the investment has got to be a strong concern with any future HD Remixed titles, as games that aren't expected to make good/great profit margins aren't nearly as likely to get the 'green light'.

Darkstalkers has been a game with a strong cult following, but hasn't quite had the main stream success like the Alpha series, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and of course the core Street Fighter products.

Considering the route Capcom very recently took with Marvel vs. Capcom 2's re-release and the success they're having with the title, it seems like going the HD Remix route isn't very likely with a Darkstalkers game.

But, it's clear the company is listening to see how much support this title would have from the fans, and that will certainly weigh on if the game is re-released. And while it looks like an HD Remix isn't likely, maybe there's some other features the fans can suggest that wouldn't require as large of an investment.
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