Street Fighter 4's default online settings, HD Remix replays

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 29, 2009 at 5 p.m. PDT | Comments: 0
Street Fighter 4's default online settings, HD Remix replays Seth Killian had a bit to say on the Unity Boards about why the developers went with best of 3 rounds default setting for SFIV's Championship Mode.

Christian also commented on the possibility of adding replays into HD Remix.
If most tournaments are best of 5 or 7 rounds, why is the Championship Mode for Street Fighter 4 default to best of 3?

Seth: Most standard in-person tournaments are either 2 out of 3 rounds, double elimination, or 3 out of 5 rounds, single elimination (where there are more time pressures).

SFIV tournaments defaulting to 2 out of 3 rounds was done to keep the action quick and exciting. There usually aren't THAT many live events, so if you go to one, you want to make sure you have your best chance.

With SFIV tournaments online, however, if you lose, you can immediately play in another tournament, with no waiting. This means there's less need for each tournament to be the ultimate test, and even if they get hit with a random Ultra now and again, the good players do win on average and will advance in tournament ranks.

HD Remix is an awesome game, but I wish you could record and replay matches. Will this be added at some point?

Sven: This was a feature we'd hoped to get in and discussed at length, but time and budget unfortunately didn't allow for it. I'm not sure if we'll revisit the title with a DLC plan right now, but I can raise the question at some upcoming planning meetings and see what sort of response it gets.

We're still waiting for trophy support in the PS3 version Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix.

John Diamonon: [...] Trophies were never promised for [HD Remix] and aren’t going to be implemented...
The comment from John Diamonon comes courtesy of the PlayStation blog.
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