Final results from National & World SFIV Championships

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 19, 2009 at 1:26 a.m. PDT
Final results from National & World SFIV Championships The National and World Street Fighter IV Finals have ended. Details were posted live to this article as they happened.

To avoid spoiling the outcome, we've posted the final results which you can read by clicking the link below. The earlier rounds were somewhat convoluted, so not all of the details are known yet, but we've posted who the big winners were.

A huge shout out goes to PMS Wedge for providing updates and impressions through the entire event.

Click here to see videos from the finals.

Pre-event and 1st round happenings

  • Jason Wilson (Dream Theater) couldn't make it to the event because of plane trouble.
  • It's been rumored that Justin Wong beat Poongko 5-1 in a casual match the night before.
  • Eric Kim and Ari "Floe" Weintraub lost in the 1st round. Both players use Sagat.
  • Jason Cole (Boxer) and Chris "CSB" (Boxer) Justin Wong (Rufus) and Mike Ross (E. Honda) advanced to the second round.

Round 2

  • Chris 'CSB' (Boxer) and Rahsaan 'EvilRahsaan' (Dhalsim) lost in the second round.
  • Jason Cole, Justin Wong, Antawn Ortiz and Mike Ross all advanced to Round 3.

Round 3

  • Justin Wong (Rufus) defeated Jason Cole (Boxer) 4 rounds to 1.
  • Mike Ross (E. Honda) defeated Antawn Ortiz (Boxer) 4 rounds to 1.

Finals Match

  • Justin Wong (Rufus) vs. Mike Ross (E. Honda). Justin Wong won 4-1 in the best of 7 set.

Justin landed a lot of big moves in this match. Ross played a mostly defensive game, but Wong came up huge with a few EX-Snake Strikes and combos to take the set.

World Finals

The Street Fighter IV World Finals featured the following players:

Daigo Umehara, also known as, The Beast. Simply put, a Street Fighter legend.
Iyo who recently won the Japanese National SFIV tournament.
Poongko who won the Korean SFIV National Tournament and is known for playing an extremely aggressive style of play.
Justin Wong who is regarded as one of the best fighting game players around, period. Justin was the only American in this part of the competition.

  • Iyo (Dhalsim) defeats Poongko (Ryu) in the first match, 4-2 in the best of 7. Poongko had some outstanding combos, but he made too many mistakes in this match which cost him a lot of his power. Iyo's defense was simply too good and smart.
  • Daigo (Ryu) defeats Poongko (Ryu) in the second match, 4-1 in the best of 7. Daigo pestered Poongko with a lot of Fireballs, and set him up for some punishment. Again Poongko made too many mistakes in this match and left himself open for some big damage moves.
  • Justin Wong (Rufus) defeated Poongko (Ryu) in the third match, 4-3 in the best of 7. (Crowd chanted "USA! USA! USA!" after the match). This fight was close, but Justin was able to adapt a little more and pull it out.

Poongko pulled off some great combos, but he made a lot of mistakes and did far too many Shoryukens which left him open for punishment. Still, he's a very entertaining player who has outstanding execution skills. He had an alright showing.

  • Daigo (Ryu) defeats Iyo (Dhalsim) in the fourth match 4-3. This was an incredible set. Lots of twists and turns in the middle and end of the fight. One right or wrong move decided the outcome of several of these matches. This is one of the best battles you will see to date.
  • Justin Wong (Rufus) defeats Iyo (Dhalsim) in the fifth match, 4-2.

Iyo kept with his mostly defensive style through his matches and again, his Daigo set was legendary.

  • Daigo (Ryu) defeats Justin Wong (Rufus) in the sixth and final match 4-0.

While Justin played a very aggressive style against the American players, he mixed it up more against the International guys. While he changed how he was playing a bit, this seemed like an effective tactic.

Daigo was... Daigo, The Beast. Clutch as ever with some disgustingly good psychic moves and his great mid-game adjustments.

Here are some photos from the event.

Street Fighter 4 National Finals
Photo from the early rounds of the competition. Image by Gootecks.
Street Fighter 4 National Finals
Justin Wong wins the SFIV National Finals, holds up the trophy. Image by Gootecks.
Street Fighter 4 National Finals
Another shot of Justin holding up his trophy. Image by Gootecks.

Street Fighter 4 National Finals
Poongko autographs T-Shirts. Image by Gootecks.
Street Fighter 4 National Finals
National Finals Trophy before the event. Image by Snow on Capcom-Unity.

Street Fighter 4 National Finals 2
Image by GCacho.
Street Fighter 4 National Finals 3
Image by GCacho.
Street Fighter 4 National Finals 4
Image by GCacho.

General notes

  • Looked like Capcom was recording the competition, so there should be high quality video at some point.
  • Roughly 500 people showed up. Was a great crowd and atmosphere.
  • Almost everyone was playing on Mad Catz Tournament Edition stick. Jason Cole used a Hori Dead or Alive 4 stick. No one used a pad.
  • You got a T-Shirt if you donated canned food to the food bank. There were lots of free goodies too like hats and Street Fighter item etching (you could get something like your phone etched), plus Yoshinori Ono signing autographs.
  • The SFIV Finals raised $4,000 and 500 pounds of food for kids. Awesome.
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