IGN reviews Street Fighter Remix #0 comic

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • September 5, 2008 at 10:24 p.m. PDT
IGN reviews Street Fighter Remix #0 comic IGN has reviewed the preview issue of the Street Fighter Remix comic book by Udon, giving it a 6.5 out of 10.

The some what low mark is because of the price mainly, but they say from a functionality standpoint this book really hits its mark.

Here's a cut.
All told, this preview does what it needs to do - give us a glimpse of the future. It easily defines where each series takes place, gives readers a central premise and gives them an idea of the art. It's a shame that the art for Turbo comes across as the weakest as it's certain to draw the most interest. Chamba's weaknesses are sadly highlighted by his counterparts on the other titles as well as the presence of Street Fighter IV concept art by Ikeno.

Input Lag

As stated before, SF5's eight frames of input lag is probably the most discussed issue in the game's community. Input lag has an overarching effect on much of the gameplay.

To play devil's advocate, I will take a moment to point out that people often think fixing this would boost reaction times by eight frames. This isn't the case. If altered, we'd likely reduce the input lag by three to four frames, meaning we'd hit the more traditional delay total of four to five frames.

It may not be as drastic of a change as people think, but three to four frames is still significant. If you have an argument as to why the input lag should remain the same, please do share in the comments section.

Forward Dashes

When a character charges forward covering a considerable amount of ground, it should be a fairly major risk. In Street Fighter 5 it seems some forward dashes are just too difficult to react to.

Nash probably comes to mind first here, because the initial frames of his dash are somewhat hidden by an animation that looks very similar to his crouching animation, but it seems a regular complaint that dashes in general are too powerful in this game.

A fix to the input lag would surely help here, but would three to four frames of notice be enough of a difference maker, or should Capcom work to make dashes more risky in their animations and/or start up time as well?

Anti-Air Jabs

Some characters have a pretty difficult time anti-airing in general in this game. Other characters, like Ryu and Necalli, have three frame jabs that do an exceptional job of interrupting jump in attacks.

Not only do these moves halt progress from the air quickly, they also lead into mix ups that can lead to massive damage.

One draw back of having one of these quick, anti-air normals is that there are more than a few characters that have jump in attacks that beat them clean. Ken's Tatsu, Ryu's jumping light kick, Chun-Li and Vega's jumping roundhouse, Mika's jumping heavy punch... just to name a few.

Players that rely on this technique instead of their slower, but more invincible reversals can end up losing games because of their habits.

Damage Output

With most of the cast capable of 50% combos, the damage output in SF5 can be quite intimidating. Damage tends to be relatively high in the first, (Vanilla) versions of fighting games, and as players discover optimal offense, we sometimes see damage reductions.

You may recall the change from Street Fighter 4 to Super Street Fighter 4, with characters like Sagat being able to hack off more than half a life bar in a single combo.

Nerfing damage could potentially serve as an alternative to nerfing other, more intricate parts of the game. It's not as disheartening to be hit with something that's difficult to deal with if damage output isn't incredibly high.

Should input lag be reduced in SF5?

1. Yes: 986 votes / 92.4%
2. No: 81 votes / 7.6%

Total votes: 1,067

Voting has closed

Should forward dashes be nerfed (seperate from fixing input lag) in SF5?

1. No: 754 votes / 74.4%
2. Yes: 260 votes / 25.6%

Total votes: 1,014

Voting has closed

Should anti-air jabs be nerfed in SF5?

1. Yes: 601 votes / 57.7%
2. No: 441 votes / 42.3%

Total votes: 1,042

Voting has closed

Should overall damage output be reduced in SF5?

1. No: 806 votes / 77.0%
2. Yes: 241 votes / 23.0%

Total votes: 1,047

Voting has closed

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