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Why giant Chun-Li fireballs aren't in HD Remix

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • October 23, 2008 at 5:32 p.m. PDT • Comments: 0
Why giant Chun-Li fireballs aren't in HD Remix The MTV Multiplayer blog took a different approach when talking to Seth Killian about the upcoming Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix title.

This interview mostly covers what's NOT in the game and why they didn't make it that way. It's a pretty good read, and if you're interested in HD Remix, I recommend stopping by.

Here's a clip.
“There were things we couldn’t do because of the budget but also because the code is so old and weird,” he said. To add new animations, for example, the developers sometimes had to use variations of existing ones, just like the original game did.

“You don’t notice it because it animates well, but Guile’s flipping overhead roundhouse kick is really just his forward kick turned upside-down,” Killian said, laughing. “So it seems new like a new move when you’re doing it and it has different properties, but it’s really just the same animation.”

As a result of the old code, the developers also weren’t able to include new characters; but that didn’t prevent them from adding some super moves, like Akuma’s raging dragon.

“He never had a super before in the original game,” he said, “and the way we were able to do that is because the raging dragon doesn’t actually animate. The screen goes black and you’re able to see explosions!”
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