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Long Street Fighter IV location test report

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • June 28, 2008 at 4:41 p.m. PDT • Comments: 1
Long Street Fighter IV location test report Kunai has posted information from Street Fighter IV location tests in Japan in a very long blog entry on

There's some good information towards the end of the entry and it includes photos from the test area. Here's a taste.
To describe the game itself is difficult. Just looking at screenshots or movies of the game online doesn't do the game justice. It has to be seen in person to really understand why this game is so revolutionary. What I felt was most impressive was the expressions and emotions contained in the game; it truly makes this game shine brighter than most others. All characters have really great facial expressions that perfectly show anger and fear, and the characters' bodies move so fluidly and are well-animated.

The characters also look great. They do look a little cartoony, but the older characters are still looking like their 2D counterparts of years past. The game still plays like traditional Street Fighter, but it easily has some of the nicest graphics and animation I have seen in any game in general. After playing this game, other fighting games just look lifeless, robotic and stiff in comparison.

If you loved playing the Street Fighter II series, but lost interest as the series moved on... you may end up liking SFIV. It's simple and easy to pick up compared to other games out there, and all of the original Street Fighter II characters are back with most of their special moves retained. All characters have an average of about 3-6 special moves, a Super Attack and an Ultra Attack. The game remains simple by design, yet the game has a few new gameplay features that are deep enough to give a player more tools to work with.

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