The new launches

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • June 13, 2008 at midnight PDT | Comments: 2
The new launches Capcom has launched their new beta site for Capcom-Unity. It's really cool to see Capcom getting so involved with the community lately. They've been doing a ton of stuff to try and connect with their fans, and the new site is pretty darn cool. Here's a quick blurb.
We’ve been really happy with the way our new community efforts have been going at Capcom, and so we decided to build a new site for all of us to play with. There’s a lot of new toys, like photo and video upload, blogging stuff, expanded forum functionality, and other social network-y style goodies.

There’s some extra fun things too, like the ability to register your gamertags + see how your scores stack up against other Capcom fans, drag+drop config on your dashboard page, and of course points—you’re earning points for every aspect of your participation. Because we enjoy evil as much as the next guy, we’ve opted NOT to detail all the activities that earn you points, so poke around and experiment to discover them for yourselves.
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