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List of bugs in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • December 1, 2008 at 3:24 p.m. PST • Comments: 0
List of bugs in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Furious Keys has compiled a list of the known bugs in HD Remix. While some of these things are annoying, remember that Capcom has been encouraging players to report these issues so they can look into them.

Some of the items in this list are really minor and it's reasonable to assume we'll be seeing fixes for the bigger problems in the future.
Crash Glitches

PS3: Single Player: Game freezes when starting arcade mode similar to crash when starting online mode.
Repetition: 4 times.

PS3: Viewing Score Board: Game crashers when trying to view scoreboard.
Repetition: 100% reported by 1 user.

Gameplay Glitches

Xbox360 & PS3: Zangief Super: Motion only works on one side of the screen. Half circle from right to left x2 right + Punch works on both left and right side, however performing the motion the other way round does not.
Repetition: 100% Reported by 3 People.

Xbox360 & PS3: Single Win Quote: During online play the game will only use one win quote, however during local play there are several different win quotes for the characters.
Repetition: 100%.

Graphical Glitches

PS3: Electric Shock Graphics: Graphics for electrocuted opponent did not disappear, player was able to continue fighting with electricity graphics still visible for the rest of the match. Note: Looked freaking awesome!
Repetition: Rare, also reported by 3 people.

Xbox360: Drained Static Health Bar + Static Win Icons: Both players already have 3 wins, health bar is red instead of yellow, you cannot tell how much health you have left.
Repetition: Occasional, reported by 6 people.

Xbox360: Stray Hit Box: During training mode when hit boxes are turned on, matchup between Fei and Ken stray red hit appears after Fei's Medium Kick Flying Kick.

PS3: Black Stage Background: GUI & Player's character is visible however background and opponent sprites are black.
Repetition 1 time.

Xbox360 & PS3: Jagged Edges: Character sprites are not filtered correctly on some screen sizes causing jaggy sprites, this is particularly noticeable on the "MAXIMUM" lettering on Dee Jay's trousers.

Audio Glitches

Xbox360: No Character Sound Effects: No sound effects heard players character however opponents sound effects can be heard.
Repetition: Random but frequent.
Note from DemonDash: It seems to happen when two players select their character at roughly the same time. It might be related to other things as well, but you can hear the second select sound just stop out of the blue. Whenever it's happened I remember this happening before hand so it's pretty coincidental. Not the biggest bug in the world, but pretty crippling for those who rely on sounds for confirmation.

Xbox360: No Speed Up Music: Old bug from beta, when speed up music is meant to be played sometimes the game music will cut out altogether. No audio even at winner/loser portrait screen. Music returns when player is returned to lobby.
Repetition: Frequent.

Xbox360 & PS3: Music Cuts Out Too Early: When the round is over music cuts out abruptly instead of fading in and out.

Xbox360 & PS3 Announcer Error: Announcer does not say PERFECT when player wins a perfect round in arcade mode.
Repetition: 100%.

Xbox360 & PS3 Announcer Error: Win with Akuma, announcer will say "You Win" instead of "Akuma Wins"
Repetition: 100%.

GUI Glitches

PS3: Controller Configuration Not Saved: Game resets button setting to default after saving configuration even between matches.
Repetition: Frequent, reported by several people.

Misc. Glitches

Xbox360 & PS3: Chun Li Spinning Bird Kick Command: Game states SBK command is charge down and up + kick, this is only correct when done while airborne. Therefore it should be changed to back, toward + kick so that it is not confused with her up-kick.

Win/Loses Miscount: System's rankings does not record correct number of wins, and will issue a lose even when you have won all your bouts and been awarded 20 wins achievement.
If you'd like to contribute to this list, please stop by this thread on the Unity Boards.
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