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USF4OE > Zangief > Spinning Piledriver - Special Moves

Zangief's Spinning Piledriver Ultra Street Fighter 4 Omega Edition - SPD, Command Grab, 360

Spinning Piledriver a.k.a. SPD, Command Grab, 360
9.5 of 10
EX Spinning Piledriver a.k.a. EX SPD, 360, Command grab
8.5 of 10
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ClubSubZero posted January 24, 2015

Omega Spinning Pile Driver is now buffed in recovery and damage
Omega was mostly a huge buff to the light SPD, but omega buffed all versions of the SPD.
Light SPD deals 230 damage (compared to 170 dmg in ultra).
Heavy SPD deals 270 damage (compared to 250 dmg in ultra).
EX SPD Deals 350 damage, 300 stun and is probably Omega Giefs most buffed move.
EX SPD is bananas, zangief performs a power bomb before the actual SPD animation, for the cost of Two bars.


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