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Dan Ultra Street Fighter 4 Omega Edition artwork

Dan Ultra Street Fighter 4 Omega Edition moves



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Kijui posted January 13, 2015

Ultra 1 and Super are now done with qcbx2 motions. Danretsuken is qcb+p, and the Saikyo Takedown is 360+K

Kijui posted January 13, 2015

Note to editors: Dan can't do Saikyo Kick in Omega mode...

Gurpwnder posted January 13, 2015

Dan is the resident close range shoto. A character who works at his best when he's in the opponent's face and forcing mixups with frame traps.

Dan's best matchups are against characters with poor defenses (lacking invincible reversals), since they are more susceptible to knee pressure and frame traps.

Against characters with a Shoryuken, I feel your goal is to initiate pressure, but guess when the opponent is going to SRK out, and block + punish them for it. To assist with this, don't do "normal xx knee ~ normal XX knee times infinity". Mix it up. "normal xx knee ~ knee ~ normal ~ normal ~ normal xx gadoken FADC forward ~ normal...etc."

metaf4 posted January 9, 2016

Dan also has a quick DP that doesn't leave the ground and pops up the comes out randomly when doing quick DPs

MegaVX posted August 16, 2015

This article requires updating as it's incorrect...


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