MarioMain's advice for Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted May 21, 2016

Captain Falcon is blessed with having a decent dash attack coupled with a high dash speed, however you will become predictable if you keep using it, and at higher percents, follow-ups become impossible.

Unlike in previous iterations of the series, the falcon punch is actually (somewhat) easy to land a hit with, particularly in the air, however it's 30 base knockback from Brawl has been removed, resulting in the move not being safe on hit until around 20% when reversed and 25% when not. Additionally, the aerial version is less powerful, and the reduced knockback scaling from Brawl (93 -> 90) means it kills a little later, so use wisely.

His jab attack has two variants: gentleman and rapid jab. Rapid jab can do more damage, but leaves almost no follow up options, even at lover percents. His side tilt is similar to Mario's, but has more range, however has less follow ups at lower percents than Mario's. Down tilt has no follow ups, regardless of percents, but is a semi-spike, so is very useful against opponents with poor recovery. Up tilt has some emergency kill power, and can spike airborne opponents as his leg is coming down, useful at the ledge on opponents with limited recovery options.

Raptor boost acts as a get out of jail free card, coming out fairly quickly with good range and decent knockback, it should also be noted that it is an instant kill in horde battles. In the air it can spike, but unlike in Brawl you must be properly spaced above your opponent, or it will just do a pathetic diagonally upwards knockback with no kill power.

Fair acts as a great kill move near the blast zone if you land the early 'clean' hitbox. Dair is a spike, similar to Ganon's but comes out faster and is safer to use beyond the ledge of the stage. Up air can hit 2-3 times without any platforms, and Bair comes out quickly. Nair isn't very useful.