bumothegreat2's advice for Greninja in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted March 22, 2016

Congratulations on selecting Greninja-brand Greninja as your new main! Using him is not easy, so make sure you read this comprehensive manual to best utilize your new Greninja!

Hazards: Greninja is not for new players, anyone wanting to fully utilize their Greninja must have solid fundamentals, quick reflexes, and plenty of time to practice. Using Greninja may result in broken control sticks, nerf jokes, and overwhelming amounts of hype. Do not use Greninja if you want easy kills, low learning curves, or a defensive character. Check with your doctor to see if Greninja is right for you.

So you want to use Greninja, do you? Let's start with a basic explanation of the character: Greninja is a rushdown character with quick projectiles, extensive combos, multiple mixup options, and a high mobility. "Why don't more people use Greninja," I hear you say? Well, most of the things Greninja does, someone else can do it better. Defensive play? Rosalina. Rushdown? Fox. So on, so forth. However, Greninja has an ability to do a lot of things relatively well while other characters specialize in one aspect.

A big reason why I personally chose Greninja was because he was fun to play. Let me emphasize this right now:

When you start playing Greninja, YOU WILL LOSE.

Don't pick up Greninja if you want immediate results. Pick up Greninja if you want a character that you can learn something new everyday. (When I first started using him, I knew no combos and relied on projectiles and individual hits.)

Greninja LIVES off of combos. Individually, his moves do a small amount of damage. No combo = no wins. A good, solid strategy on how to use Greninja is to stay in a mid-range area, or a specific distance away where you can rush in for combos or use projectiles without getting punished. You always want to be moving when using him. Greninja is the overall most mobile character, with one of the highest run speeds and jump heights, and isn't exactly "big," so he can naturally dodge moves because of it.

Also, don't use his counter. Hardly any active frames, low KO power, no invincibility, and is easy to block.

So if you want to use Greninja, it's going to be a long road, but one of the biggest draws of using Greninja is the constant learning. I loved finding out little tricks to him daily. (Literally, daily.) If you want that hype character that isn't Falcon, Greninja is for you.