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StanleyCKC's advice for Karin in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted March 22, 2016

Karin is a extremely good footsie character who also has the potential to do fairly decent mix up and high damage. In my opinion she can play rush down but also play defensively. She has alot of juggles utilizing her just frame which can carry the opponent towards the corner. Her V reversal is great as it knocks down on hit. Her Vtrigger however should be used more as a combo extender as the mix up options are not always safe. However, if everything goes your way her vtrigger can be extremely dangerous and has the ability for massive come back potential. Her Anti Air and reversal game isn't that great however I think her great footsie and v-reversal should allow her to stay in the game. Karin is a very powerful character but her execution isn't the easiest. Some of her combos have fairly tight timings such as the just frame but I think karins combos are some of the most satisfying in the game. I think karins basic game plan is to try and out footsie the enemy and apply pressure when you can.