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StanleyCKC's advice for Laura in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted March 22, 2016

Laura is a character who does not have the traditional Sf V combos but she excels at her mixup game. She can pull off resets mid combo and can ambiguously land on either side potentially giving her massive dmg reward if the opponent guesses wrong. Since Laura has a command grab and the dash speed of SF V being so high she can do dash in command grab on knock down opponents for some tricky gimmicks. Her fireball can also protect her as she advances through the screen. Alot of her moves push her forward so she is very good at punishing her opponents with short but dangerous hard hitting combos. Her Vskill is also a dash or a overhead which can trick your opponents HOWEVER it is very risky to use it as an overhead as it can be punished heavily but can be very rewarding when you land it and keeps the opponent guessing. Her footsies are also decent her hits pretty far and can be canceled into light bolt charge which is safe on block however does not do much damage on hit. Her other moves can get you split river or rodeo break which allows you to pick the side you land on and then follow up with lauras mix up game. If your playing Laura , focus on her mix up game. Try to get the opponent knocked down or in the corner and don't let them keep you out.