StanleyCKC's advice for Vega in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted March 22, 2016

Vega is a very good character in this game. With claw on he has long range pokes however when he takes his claw off he has more hit confirms and higher damaging combos. He has a great tool set for attacking in any position especially his Flying barcelona attack which lets you pick a position to land in weather it be in front or behind your opponent. You can also end it with a grab which further improves his mixup in that situation. It is very ambiguous which side he will land on however he can be hit out of this so be careful when using it. However if you cancel into EX flying barcelona he can do devestating combos upon his opponents which generally leads to vtrigger and then critical art. Vega has alot of combos he can do utilizing stance switch and some trickier things such as stand.hp claw on , claw switch to off , into command grab.
Vega is a very solid pick in this game but he is different to use so it may take time to get good with him compared to other characters. When vega is claw on make sure to abuse your aurora edge as it is always safe as it attacks and then causes vega to evade. Vegas other moves like his v-reversal might seem weak at first but it can actually allow vega to punish some things other characters can not such as Chun Lis Ex Lightning Legs which is safe on block but with vega he can actually v reversal out of it and then punish while she is still recovering. When vega does not have meter his best combo ender is probably going to be crimson terror which carrys the opponent across the screen fairly far and leaves the opponent either knocked down or neutral. Do not use this on a blocking opponent as this is unsafe. You can use a raw vtrigger as an anti air or punish on reaction which makes vega very dangerous when he has it. If your playing vega, make sure to take advantage of both his claw on and claw off stances. Mastering both stances and using them together will be the key for a great vega.