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StanleyCKC's advice for Ken in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted March 22, 2016

Hey guys here's some basic ken stuff
There's a lot of other great resources if you want more
There are many many ways to follow up and activate kens vtrigger cancel but I only listed a few here to keep things simple.
I have not included any CA combos as I feel like ken gains a lot of mileage off EX usage such as Ex Air Tatsu or canceling into Ex Shoryu which in Non Vtrigger mode gives much more damage.

This combo has great range as stand mk followed by stand hk hits from very far but be careful as it is not safe close up and it will whiff on crouching opponents.

St.MK, St.HK xx Hard Shoryu
Dmg 226
Stun 310
This is probably kens most used confirm but if the opponent is blocking make sure you drop the combo after Bk + MP because the follow up is very unsafe. This combo also requires you to be pretty close to your opponent.

Cr.Mp, Bk + MP, HP xx Hard Tatsu
Dmg 251
Stun 376
This combo should generally be used as a punish or paired up with a cross up. If you can land a cross up on your opponent and hit this combo a few times the round will be over before you know it. Its great for blowing people up with bad anti air defense. You can cancel this with a normal hard shoryu however your damage output lowers dramatically.

Cr.HP xx Light Tatsu xx Ex Shoryu
Dmg 273
Stun 400
Heres some basic Vtrigger cancels you can do the latter having a bit more range but a tad less damage.

Cr.Mp, Bk + MP, HP xx Hard Shoryu xx Vtrigger Cancel xx [wait a bit] Ex Tatsu
Dmg 285
Stun 371

St.MK, St.HK xx Hard Shoryu xx Vtrigger Cancel xx [wait a bit] Ex Tatsu
Dmg 270
Stun 350
I like to use stand HK and try to confirm into max damage vtrigger combos. These hit hard and net you tons of damage but make sure your hitting stand hk at max range as it is unsafe. The second combo on here is probably kens hardest hitting non CA corner combo.

St.HK xx Vtrigger Cancel xx Cr.Hp xx Light Tatsu xx Hard Shoryu
Dmg 321
Stun 466

St.HK xx Vtrigger Cancel xx Cr.Hp xx Ex Fireball xx Light Shoryu xx Hard Shoryu
Dmg 398
Stun 575
That's all for now guys. Remember, ken has so many ways to combo with his vtrigger and even vskill with many opportunities to do resets and tricky crossunders.This is just the beginning!