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StanleyCKC's advice for Ryu in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted March 22, 2016

Hey guys I'm going to keep this more simple, there are lots of things you can do with RYU but I'm just going to go over some of the more basic stuff.

Most combos will end with Med Tatsu over Hard Tatsu because the Hard Tatsu will put you on the other side of the opponent which might leave yourself in a bad position however it's good to use it sometimes as it can be a tricky mixup if the opponent does not expect it.
You can also swap out Shoryus for Tatsus in most cases if you want more corner carry but not the other way around as you'll typically be out of range for the shoryu in a lot of combos.
I left out a lot of crush counter and counter hit combos along with many vtrigger cancels you can do but a lot of others have posted a lot of information on those already.

These two combos here is generally your hardest hitting BnB Combos as they leave you close enough to do a Hard Shoryu which many of Ryu's links actually don't. These are probably going to be your big punish combos.

St.Mp, Cr.Hp xx Hard Shoryu
253 DMG
395 STUN
F+HP, Cr.HP xx Hard Shoryu
283 Dmg
395 Stun
This Combo is a really good meaty and hit confirm tool as B+HK hits twice giving you ample time to confirm and also can act as an anti air in non-combo situations. Generally you should use this combo on knocked down opponents and this follows up nicely with combos ending with a tatsu.

B+HK, xx Med Tatsu
187 DMG
373 STUN
These combos are typically used to apply pressure and confirms as they are safe on block if you end before the special cancel. They are also what you will have to use if the opponent isn't quite in range for your hardest hitting combos.

St.Mp, St.Mp xx Med Tatsu
194 Dmg
350 Stun
St.Mp, Cr.Mk xx Med Tatsu
185 Dmg
350 Stun
Standard target combo, not really used too often at higher level play but its easy to do and is a great place to start for beginners. I added an additional stand mp for extra dmg but you will have to link that to the target combo.

St.Mp, St.Mp St.Hp St.Hk
211 Dmg
302 Stun
This combo is probably going to be your max range combo the stand hk hits very far you can use this to punish your opponents as well.

St.Hk, St.Lk xx Med Tatsu
197 Dmg
363 Stun
This is Ryus corner combo which uses 2 meters doesn't happen often but it does alot of damage

St.Mp, Cr.Hp xx Ex Tatsu xx Ex Shoryu
363 Dmg
535 Stun

This is generally the Vtrigger Cancel into CA combo that you will see a lot, usually you won't see the in the beginning as stand hp is a bit farther range so you can whiff punish with st.hp into vtrigger critical art cancel for mass damage.

St.Mp St.Hp St.Hk xx Vtrigger Cancel xx Light Tatsu xx CA
393 Dmg
497 Stun

Good Luck guys! Remember to view the other comments and sources for more information on Ryu!