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samplehunters' advice for Dhalsim in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted March 20, 2016

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Dhalsim's fireball teleport mixup is unblockable.

After watching so many people get hit by raw teleport mixups on stream I decided to investigate his teleport.

In Training Mode, I did a simple Back Throw, Medium Yoga Fire, Teleport mixup and discovered that the opponent would get hit by the mixup if holding Back to block but would also get hit if holding Forward to block!!

Ok, well it's not a true unblockable as I did find one solution.
If the opponent holds Down on wakeup and then quickly moves his joystick to back, he will successfully block the mixup.
I would describe it as a hard-to-blockable.

Here's a video I made to demonstrate the situation.

(Please excuse the low quality, it is my first video.)