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NurseLee's advice for Necalli in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted March 12, 2016

Necalli, the Savage Rastafarian Warrior!


If you’re looking for a Rush-down character in Street Fighter V well Necalli is definitely one of those characters that might interest you. So just what’s unique about Necalli game out the other rush down characters? Well he’s the only rush down character with a command grab. And yeah some players might say it’s not the best but, the idea of a rush down character with a command grab is still terrifying.

Furthermore, Necalli damage output is monstrous. Especially when he’s in Super Saiyan mode (V-Trigger). He has every kind of attacks; long-distance, anti-airs, cross-ups, and overheads. Overall he’s a savage beast.

+ Pros:

Necalli has a V-skill ground pound/projectile allowing him to be a threat from outside of close range

V-Trigger mode is a permanent transformation; enhances all of his attacks, increase walk speed, increase forward dash, and his Super Art changes; dealing way more damage.

All of his Raging Light are completely invincible, deals great damage, and possible knock down reward

Close-range game is diverse, having a command grab and an overhead attack to open up his foes

Thanks to his special Disc Guidance, he has no problems dealing with predictable projectile pattern

He has one of the most Crush Counter normal properties out of the cast

Cons –

Although he has a command grab, the startup is 8 frames; it can easily whiff.

Anti-airs are great but, it has limited areas in front of Necalli; does not have a great way to deal with jumping cross-ups attacks directly above his head.

Limited crouching attacks/combos; some of his low hit combos work only on certain characters.

Hope this helps and take care!