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RisingWarrior's advice for Ken in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted March 10, 2016

Ken is now considered to be a rush down character and is now vastly different compared to Ryu. While Ryu is a defensive type character, Ken is a character that is all about being in your face and pressuring you with his dragon punch and his hurricane kicks. His dragon punches are still reminiscent of SFIV, however they should never be used as a wake up attack due to them not sharing the same invincibility frames as they did in SFIV. Using his dragon punch as a wake up attack is just asking to get punished so it is a good idea to avoid using it. Ken's hurricane kick is much better than it's SFIV version due to it's many uses. He even has Akuma's LK.tatsuxxLP,MP,or HP.DP, but it is rather difficult to pull it off without his V-trigger. Speaking of his V-trigger it is not only a good combo extender but it also increases his damage for all of his specials, but it is deemed unsafe due to how Ken takes a forward dash when he activates it. Ken has good pros but he also has his cons such as his bad reach with some of his normals and his high risk high reward style. Ken is a relatively stylish character with a demand for good execution to be used effectively and once you get past the cons that Ken has and develop a strategy around them you can be a deadly player to others.