HookshotHotshot's advice for Greninja in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted March 8, 2016

Some thoughts of my own

Shadow Sneak can be easily predicted, but if the opponent is charging a projectile or can be caught off-guard, it's a great move with high power and speed. On top of that, some stages, including Pac-Maze and Pictochat won't show the shadow, so it's a much better move on those stages as it's completely unpredictable for your opponent while you should be able to guess where the shadow is. One last note on Shadow Sneak, it can be used as a recovery mixup tool. if you use it just below the stage, the shadow will stop at the edge of the stage and releasing the button will cause the kick to hit an opponent standing at the ledge waiting to punish you.

Water Shuriken is a quick projectile that can be utilized (even uncharged) for hitstun and damage-racking. While the full version is an almost-valid kill move if the opponent's caught at the ledge, I personally find uncharged Shuriken as useful as the more charged versions for their speed alone. don't forget about them.

Greninja's counter could be considered one of the worst in the game, because, unlike the Fire Emblem counters or Shulk's Vision, there's a distinct delay that allows the counter to be shielded, and the counter window itself is pretty small. You don't want to get predictable with counters anyway, but this one in particular is easy to punish. If you want to deal damage, use sparingly, or if the opponent's smashes have high ending lag. however, you can easily use Counter to reposition yourself, thanks to Greninja's high-speed movement after reappearing. you can use it to put yourself in a favorable position, even if the opponent shields the attack.