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NurseLee's advice for Cammy in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted March 7, 2016

Cammy White

If you’re looking for a character archetype that excels at rush down well...Cammy White is the epitome of offensive, rush-down, or hyper-aggression.

All of her tools will suggest that you play Cammy offensively. She can definitely setup strong frame traps and can easily corner carry her opponents to a corner thanks to her special Spiral Arrow.

However, she can be somewhat moderately difficult to play because many of her effective engagement tools require strict spacing; such as, instant-jump Cannon strike.

+ Pros

Cammy has no problems getting into mid and close range thanks to her specials: Axel Spin Knuckle, Hooligan Combination, and cannon strikes

Cammy is one of the few characters who can link from light-medium attacks and medium-heavy attacks:

[Crouching light into standing back medium punch] or [standing medium punch into heavy punch.]

Cammy has fantastic footsie game: Her crouching medium kick has a far-reach.

Cammy has superb anti-air normals and specials: Cannon Spike are completely invincible but, varying different ranges; her unique attack [back + medium punch] Lift Upper is also a great anti-air, no problems dealing with jump attacks.

Cammy has amazing walk speed (both forward and backward) and it’s is a huge asset to her offensive play.


When Cammy performs a throw, she loses valuable offense pressure in mid-screen; it resets the neutral game.

Cammy lacks an overhead attack so, even if she’s up close and personal, you just have to worry about Cammy’s frame traps, baits, or throws; not much of a high-low mix up game.

V-trigger only allows for two usage of enhance special moves. Make it count.

Because she excels on offensive, she can have difficult match ups against very strong defensive characters. Because she’s usually on the offense.

She has the lowest stamina, 900; the lowest out of entire cast

Overall though, I personally would say she’s fairly simple and straight-forward character to play as. The learning curve isn’t too difficult compared to other rush down characters like, Karin or Necali.

Hope this helps and take care!