Revero's advice for Vega in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted March 7, 2016

I have been playing around with FBA with claws on and off.

Just a tip, I had forgotten the different kick strengths changes his initial height wall jump. I have found that a HK FBA backwards the hold uptowards can easily avoid jumping counter attacks and even SRK!

Back to main point.

Claw on:
If you land a claw strike, either from a cross over or direct frontal ground hit, you can link it into his new lp qcb claw swipe. That can combo into Critical Arts.

Claw off:
If you land a hit, it actually combos into a cr.MP. From there you can do a MK roll, leading into Critical Arts. I think the cr.MP can also lead into a EX FBA throw.

Still practicing at getting good, but I find not to many ppl do those links.

As for AA's I actually found that ppl jump often in the HP qcb claw swipe version. It especially works well against cross over attempts.