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cirn9ble's advice for Karin in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted March 7, 2016

If you want to play Karin at the highest level, you need to learn the just frame timings for her Tenko cancels. The most important ones are c.LP, c.MK, s.MP, s. HP, and c. HP. The important thing is to realize that you want to cancel as close to the end of the cancelable windows as possible. For s.MP, the window is fairly large and occurs just about as her hand connects with the opponent. c.HP has a similar but smaller window as well as range, but gives her the the best damage. c.MK and s.HP both have their just frame window toward the end of their special cancel frames, and you need to ingrain those timings into your muscle memory. Finally, c.LP has probably the smallest window but isn't as difficult as it sounds since the just frame timing more or less overlaps with the cancel window.
Learning these just frame timings is important to optimize damage, but for c.MK and c.LP specifically it's a necessity to even combo into Tenko.