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xThunderxWolfx's advice for Ryu in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted March 6, 2016


Light kick: Damage Standing 30 Crouching: 20
Very similar to the Light Punch. The standing version has about double the range meaning you can combo off of a B.HK or a ST.HK. Can be very easily canceled into specials. The crouching version has about the same range and speed as CR.LP but less damage since it hits low.

Medium Kick: Damage Standing: 60 Crouching: 50
The standing version has longer range than ST.MP, but you can't combo into or out of it with anything but a jump in. So just use it to vary your pokes. The crouching version is amazing, it has fairly long reach, can be canceled into specials, can be combo'd into by St.MP or CR.MP but only if the CR.MP is a counter hit. This is your go to poke if you're out of ST.MP range or you want to hit them low.

Heavy Kick: Damage Standing: 90 Crouching: 100

This is another move to fish for crush counters with. The standing version will only hit a standing opponent but has good range and is positive on block. If you get a crush counter you can follow up with your BnB combos starting with St.MP. If you land a normal hit (not counter) you can combo into ST.LK. The Crouching version is a sweep that puts the enemy into a hard knockdown. Good to punish pokes with but be careful as it's negative on block.

Last but not least is Ryu's throw, functionally the same as every other throw. Does 120 damage on a forward throw and 140 damage on a back throw.