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xThunderxWolfx's advice for Ryu in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted March 6, 2016

I'm gonna leave a rundown of Ryu's Normals. First thing is first be sure to familiarize yourself with the lingo. Which eventhubs has an article for.


Light Punch: Damage Standing: 50 Crouching: 50
Extremely quick jab, very short range. Good to use to poke in between frame traps or when they drop stun locks to walk up and throw.
The crouching version is almost the exact same just with *slightly* longer reach. Can be canceled into specials but you have to be quick.

Medium Punch: Damage Standing: 60 Crouching: 60 Forward: Two hits 30 damage each.
This is your best poke and confirm. Quick start up, can anti air from further away, and can combo into Cr.Mp, CR.MK,CR.HP or even another ST.MP if you're close enough. On counter hit you can combo into a sweep.
Crouching version has slightly longer reach but is otherwise the same. You can combo a CR.MP into a CR.MP if the first one is a counter hit. Both standing and crouching can be canceled into all of Ryu's special and super, but be warned, a tatsu will whiff if they're crouching.

Holding forward while hitting ST.MP will cause Ryu to do a collarbone breaker. This is Ryu's overhead, it's fairly slow on startup to be sure to use it as a meaty. but it's difficult to punish. You can't combo off of it but it's great for opening up someone who's blocking low a lot.

Heavy Punch: Damage Standing: 90 Crouching: 90 Forward: Two hits for 45 each.
Extremely good poke, especially for fishing for Crush counters. The range is deceptively long but the start up is slightly slow and it's -4 on block so be careful of how close you are when you use it.
It's also part of Ryu's target combo (ST.MP>ST.HP>ST.HK) if you V-Trigger out of the ST.Hk of his target combo you can combo into super. If you land a crush counter with this move it puts the enemy in a juggle state. Meaning you can hit them with specials and normals if you want to reset them for a mixup, but only if you v trigger cancel the recovery. A useful tip on the range is that if you stand right next to someone and back dash, that'll be the tip of the range, which means you can dash close, back dash and fish with it.

If you hold forward when you hit heavy punch Ryu will do his solar plexus strike. EXTREMELY slow on startup but has amazing range and is only punishable up close. Can be used to combo into Shoryuken, CR.HP, ST.MP, or CR.MP. This is an excellent tool for punishing.The Crouching version of heavy punch is an excellent anti-air, especially when they jump right on top of you. CR.Hp can be canceled into all of Ryu's specials and even super, and tatsu will NOT whiff after a CR.HP even if they are crouching because CR.HP forces them to stand. It's important to learn how to Combo F.HP into CR.HP and ST.MP into CR.HP, as the link can be a little strict at times, especially online.