NurseLee's advice for Chun-Li in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

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posted March 5, 2016

Chun Li is perhaps the strongest Woman fighter in video game history. I want to say that in this iteration of Chun Li, She is very solid and best of all, she is accessible because now she’s a motion character than a charge character. No more Piano/button mashing those lightning kicks. Furthermore if you have played Chun Li from SF 3rd strike, great news because it’s very identical with some very nice features and twists.

However, I will say that she can be technical for new comers and take some time learn but, I think it will be worth it in the long run because Chun Li can teach you the important aspects of how to utilize and poke effectively in Street Fighter. And when it comes to the topic of who has very good/fantastic normals, Chun Li has always had great normals in every Street Fighter game.

Overall she's very well rounded character and if you want to be a character who excels a great poking/footsie game, I can definitely say that she is your go to character for sure.


She has VERY FANTASTIC dominating normals; many of her normal attacks make her an extremely oppressive aggressor from mid range

She has very good movement; One of the best walk speed in the game

She can link from lights into mediums; I think she’s the only one as well

V-skill helps with her jump arc; she can create some sick cross up shenanigans

She has an Air-grab

Critical Art is very good and can easily Chipp kill

V-trigger buffs all of her normals; all mediums cause 2
hits and all heavies cause 3 hit. And her frame data will change as well; She will most likely have very strong frame trap setups. Also has access for juggle potential combos


She has low stamina/health. About 950; so, she can be K.O. quickly

Damage output is low. Has to spend meter for greater damage output.

Optimal combos can take more technical prowess to use than other characters combos.

She is a technical for new comers.

Her Jump arc, Not V-skill, is floaty and it can be easily
anti-air so, only jump when it’s necessary.

V-skill can be difficult to utilize properly, especially when using as an anti-air