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blasphemousblack's advice for Karin in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted March 2, 2016

Many people have already discussed some of the key combos she has for bnbs. However there is one I see missing.

Her OS (Option select) shouts out to Muji for this 1.

Karin's gives her the most advantage on block and can easily frame trap into her which you can even follow up with a, a decent block string that will build up white health.

However, if you use>C.HP -> Orochi (back attack) this will setup a FRAME TRAP OS! How this works. If they block the whole thing we know orochi is safe on block unless they have a C.Throw character (you may want to jump) now if they manage to hit a button after, then c.hp with CC hit them and your Orochi (back attack) will not come out as the CC cancels out your input of orochi.


Her s.Hp is one of her best AA. It can be cancelled into her command dash after QCF+k. switching up the strength of kick you use; you may dash in front or behind the opponent. Which will create an easy setup for the Frame trap OS above or a throw, heck even a quick jab if you want to test them. It should go without saying that this dashing underneath the opponent can even be done during her crush counter combo.

These options for Karin have the ability to stun them quite quickly forcing them to act. So the things you want to watch for are c.throws or DP's. In the case of the c.throw we have the option to neutral jump and punish on landing. As for the Shoryu we have more than enough frames to block, and if we do Karin is granted another crush counter.

This pressure and mind game creates a "Vortex"(mix-up) wherein one of the best options your enemy will have for escape is to use one of their most punishable moves. :). Once we have whittled them down with this mix-up we can sit back, reserve meter, and close out the game with good ol'