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NurseLee's advice for Ryu in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 28, 2016


If this is your first time playing a fighting game, I highly recommend new players to pick up Ryu.

He teaches you the fundamentals/core of Street Fighter; Such as, Spacing with his pokes, Zoning with his fireballs, Anti-airing with Shoryuken, overheads, target-combos, and etc.

He’s a great well rounded fighter who has all the tools for nearly every situation and very easy to familiar with. He has no problems playing from the Long-range, mid-range, and close-range.

His V-skill is a good defensive option

His V-trigger buffs his projectiles, Critical Art, and Shoryukens into a zoning monster.


He has real good damage/stun output; He hits freaking hard.

Very simple/straight forward; not too technical to learn
and very easy to familiar with.

Good Anti-air options/ Air-to-Air options/wake up;
although, very risky due to crush counter system.

He does have parry; V-skill so, approaching Ryu can be dangerous if you aren’t careful.

V-trigger: Denjin Renki, is amazing! All his fireballs are buff, Stronger Shoryukens, and a terrifying super art.

He can play from all ranges; Long-range, Mid-range, and Close-Range.


Because he’s very simple and straight forward, learning the match up can be easy; he may be predictable.

Basic mix ups; cross ups, throws, high and lows. No air Tatsu mix ups.

V-skill: Very challenging to use. Yes it builds V-gauge meter but, it requires very strong reads/predictions


Also once you fully understand how Ryu can play, it will be or may be easier to transition into the other cast of characters in SFV; Use Ryu as a reference.

For instance, Although Ken and Ryu both have similar play styles and if you compare Ken to Ryu, you will eventually understand that Ken is more of a rush-down style; His hurricane kicks and Shorykens are way more devastating than Ryu’s and he’s way more agile but, his fireball game is extremely weak.

So Ken can have some trouble dealing with good zoners; Ryu is a good zoner.

Take care doods!