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NurseLee's advice for Nash in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 26, 2016

Charlie – Nash-

Charlie has return back in Street Fighter V and this time he looks mean and pissed. So what to expect to play as Nash? Well Nash probably has the best projectile in the game. Nash can really frustrate his opponents with his sonic booms because he can control the trajectory of his projectiles to either shoot fast or slow.

He also has a ton of crazy variation of normals as well:

good set of target-combos to dish out damage and for positioning.

Great set of command normals to poke his opponents in and out during footsies.

Plus a freaking air-grab! Just in case if his opponents decides to jump.

In addition to Nash, he is the only character who can take away his opponents meter and slightly gain some life. So Nash can be a thief and quickly gain meter from his opponents or deny his opponents to gain meter.

A very nasty V-trigger,HIDE, which has the options to teleport in three different Locations; such as, behind the opponent, air- in front of the opponent, or air-back of the opponent. A great V-skill, Bullet Clear, where he can pocket a projectile, and use it as a poke to build some V-meter.

However, although Nash has a ton of tools to help him during a match, what Nash really lacks is a good reliable off pressure tool; he has no true wake up-attack options because none of them are fully invincible. So, Nash’s V-reversal or V-trigger is going to be the options to get away from his opponents.


Has a very strong Projectile game

V-skill practically negates projectile options

Tons of target combo / command normals

He has an air grab

A Target-combo/overhead attack.

Good damage output

A strong mix up game because of V-trigger

Can drain opponents meter or spend EX to regain some life.


He has low health and stun; 950. So he will get K.O faster if you’re not careful.

No true reliable fully-invincible wake up attack options. So you’re going to have to play some strong defense if the opponent gets in.

No true low-cancel atttack pokes. Although Nash does indeed have good normals, he can’t low poke cancel any of his kick pokes into combos.

His walk speed is terrible and probably one of the worst

He lacks a 3 frame pokes. His jabs and shorts starts up on the 4th frame;
only 3 frame poke is his jumping jab.