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posted February 26, 2016

Option select the charge

Generally speaking, you always want to end Chun-Li's combos with the Spinning Bird Kick as it deals more damage, more stun, and gets you a knock down. But this is not always easy to do. The timing for the charge might be very strict and if you mess it up, you might end up neutral jumping and taking a huge punish. In those case it would have been better to use lighting legs as a combo finisher.

For instance:
cr.LP, s.MP, cr.MK xx SBK/Legs

With this input you always achieve the full combo. The resulting special depends on having or not having that charge ready:

Charge Down(-back), then do a half circle from DOWN to RIGHT to UP + Kick

If you got a charge, the game will give the priority to the charge move and ends up executing the Spinning Bird Kick.
If you didn't get the charge in time, lighting legs will come out instead.