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NurseLee's advice for Ken in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 25, 2016

If you want to play more of a rush down style character who can be a bit flashy, well Ken master can be the character for you. So yes he can play very similar as Ryu but unlike Ryu’s fireballs, Ken’s fire ball game is definitely weaker. Do not engage projectile wars. But, Ken is way more agile than Ryu so, getting into position or out will be ease for Ken.

He has more tools than Ryu and his damage is most likely higher too. However Ken probably will have to take more effort during matches because of unsafe tools yet, Ken really has some strong high risk and reward punishes; such as, Crush counter hit setups combos and he can full screen punish jump ins with ex-tatsu. Overall I feel that if players loves to play that rush down style in your face game, Perhaps Ken can be your go to character.


Damage output is High or even higher because of V-trigger; HOT FIRE!

V-trigger allows him to become a monster; all moves are BUFF and completely change some frame data!

Like Ryu, he has strong Anti-air options, wake up. Again though it can be very risky.

His Air Tatsu can cross up and can be combo able. If ken is in V-trigger, it has better hit advantage.

Good target- combos

Good set of overhead attacks

Very Strong Punish game from all ranges.

Chin Buster, the fastest standing medium punch in the game

Has more access to V-reversals

All of his Tatsu will now hit crouching opponents And causes knock downs.


It can be hard to utilize his V-skill and V-trigger; fact that it’s very risky and unsafe

Fire ball game is weak; only use this for just spacing or combo-extensions. Fire balls are Unsafe on hit and block

V-trigger gauge is 3 bars so it will take some time to build it up

Can be a bit technical

Probably requires good execution because of his high risk reward setups.