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hunt3rst's advice for Rashid in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 25, 2016

Allright this is the first time im doing this but hopefully i can help a few people with this tips
The following tips are better suited for new coming players on rashid and to help average players get a better understanding bout the fighter

Allright so Rashid is a rushdown char that relies on his eagle spike and spining mixer for dmg one slight problem Rashid main dmg tool (eagle spike) is extremly unsafe and is easily punishable especialy with char like karin,chun,birdie,necalli who can get big big dmg from simple punishes without the need to setup their combos.

rashid has a few cancelable normals but the ones that he has deal pretty good dmg but you will have to practice hit confirms to get dmg and get out of there quickly like:

cr MK to (L) eagle spike-
u can also bait crush counters if you do this link with the opponent blocking by back dashing after the ealge spike then hitting st HP

standing MP to (L) spinning mixer- mash for better dmg

rashid can also play mixups due to his projectile, a big plus is that you can cancel this move into rashids v skill to slide under the it or use the eagle spike airborne for big dmg

rashids most damaging normal is his crouching hp witch can linked into:

cr hp,st. hp into spinning mixer

cr. hp,st mp into spinning mixer

cr.hp,cr mk into eagle spike

you can also combine the ex version of rashids spinning mixer and eagle spike for big dmg
just do ex eagle spike into ex spinning mixer

rashids v trigger serves to make mixups with your v skills or to make your approaches safe also it makes you faster as you move through the twister

to wrap all up heres rashids max dmg combo without the critical art

air hp,cr. hp, st hp into ex spining mixer (mash for greater dmg)