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freaKANIME780's advice for Laura in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 24, 2016

She has solid footsie and poke game with her standing heavy kick being an effective tool for crush counters and spacing. She can be played either rushdown/pressure thanks to her fireballs and command grabs giving her good mix-up potential or a Hit-and-Run style with her V-Skill's mobility options and command grabs damage output. No matter which way you decide to play her spacing is key to controlling the pacing for her matches. Her worst match-ups I've seen online are; Karin as her rekkas can completely go over or through Lauras fireballs. Ryu having better fireballs,hurricane kick going through Laura's fireballs,and parries. Nash simply due having better tools to close the distance gap and pressure he can put on you. Her best match-ups are; Ken as compared to Ryu his moves hit harder but can be punished much more easily on block. Birdie as he lacks the mobility and any form of projectile to punish Laura when she is played rushdown and large hitbox make him easier to hit with Laura's QTR-Back+Kick command grab. Zangief is the same thing as Birdie. Match-ups that can go any way; Chun-li has excellent jump-ins and solid range on her specials. Dictator(Bison/Vega) has effective tools to counter/crush counter some of Laura's moves and vice versa. Rainbow Mika has solid damage output compared to Laura but lacks same mobility options. Claw(Vega/Balrog) has better speed but Laura's anti-air if it can connect will potentially keep Claw from building any momentum. Cammy can go over Laura's projectiles and do alot of damage but lacks the Health to last long against Laura's command grabs should start putting on the pressure. Match-ups I can't speculate on are Rashid, FANG, Dhalsim,and Necalli as I haven't run any online in the past couple of days.