Trigger3ffect's advice for Vega in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 24, 2016

Now Vega's st.HP on hit/block is good news no matter what....why? This bring about mind games on block and big damage on hit. (pssstt...come closer let me tell you why) Vega's st.HP can be cancelled into is Switch Claw(SC) this is a GREAT new tool because when cancelled its safe to block. Now if you play mashers you can even light poke afterwards which makes me think its a plus and it can catch someone unaware as well. On hit Vega can SC into cr.MP(claw off) into roll(CT) or Flying Barcelona(FB) or V-Trigger. This can lead to huuuuge damage!! I don't about you but daddy likes him some damage. If you don't like damage maybe like set-ups. The set-up after the st.HP on hit/block into SC is command grab this is good it allows you to get into your opponents head and makes and bait a back dash which can be punished with a slide(cr.HK) or maybe a shoryuken with can be CRUSH COUNTER for sick damage!! My highest combo with Vega from crush counter is 512 so far but I'm certain there's more to be done.

Like I said earlier this is just the little time I spent with him when my friend brought his console over the weekend. I'll continue this in the days to come this time I'll talk about his kick from LK to MK and finally HK. By the way I also play Ryu and a couple of characters on the side.I'm planning on making almost the same thing for him as well as my other character if you like this format or if you think there's something I didn't cover on Vega's punches please add on because we all want to learn as much as possible.

Thank you for your time and I really hope this helps my Vega bros out there(lol). Thank you Eventhubs for this avenue to shed some light on what we know. Train hard and lets make/help SF community grow and become bigger than ever. I hope this was helpful.