Trigger3ffect's advice for Vega in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 24, 2016

Finally, Vega's HP.This has two variations. When st.HP has great potential it has anti-air properties as well as combo potential. If you find it hard to combo just add another HP, MP+MK for his target combo which allow does good damage. When HP is done while holding forward or Forward+HP(Buster Claw)BC this move is only while the claw is on. Buster Claw makes Vega take a step forward and strike the opponent in face with his claw though this maybe sound awesome and look awesome this can be catastrophic for Vega because its quite punishable unless it hits. Even if done from the max length I believe in time High level players with Sim or Ryu might be able to punish on block(not sure of others) I think Charlie can as well with his V-Trigger, I am yet to test that as well as other characters punishes for this particular move.

Cr.HP with claw-on has range and can also be used as an anti-air but be warned it will NOT hit an opponent who's above Vegas head because the hit box seems only to hit in front of him and a little above the claw same goes for without the claw but cr.HP is actually better for anti air without claw. Elaborating on my previous statement, without out claw cr.HP has a wider range and is much closer to his body rather than further out so it can easily prevent a jump in but be wary for those ambiguous looking cross ups if you're not sure i say dash under his/her jump. I do this all the time Vega has a great dash. This will take some getting use to but if you can anticipate or react jump-ins that will cross you up dash under. The opponent would be caught on aware and will not be blocking(usually). You can use this tactic and if your claw is on do not hesitate to use his st.MP.