Trigger3ffect's advice for Vega in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 24, 2016

Hello everyone my Nana aka Zeik I representing Virtual Union(VU) one of Ghana's FGC.

I've been able to play Vega for a little time now and here's my addition to the knowledge.

LP-Light Punch
MP-Mid Punch
HP-Heavy Punch

Vega(Claw) is a GREAT mid range character thanks to his claw as we all know. The character to me is superior than his USFIV's self. Though I didn't play him on a high level in that game I am loving his new build. Spacing with Vega is awesome thanks to his st.MP with the claw it's a must it keeps the opponent out, counter poke and allows you to retreat back safely. Though you cant combo from max range, footsies are essentials and a stronghold to street fighter, especially Vega.

In this I'm going to cover just the punches from LP to MP then finally HP.

Vega's cr.LP/st.LP is awesome as well allowing you to keep pressure on and cancel it into his CT(Crimson Terror/roll). I would advice to use the light version of CT since less punishable(I think its safe but I haven't tested I'm more battle hardened player :D). The EX version of the roll is DEFINITELY safe on block(you can even back dash afterward if you fancy that). With claw-on you have bigger hit box, keep this in mind when it comes to spacing.

Vega's MP is a huge part of the characters essentials even with the claw on or off. With the claw on Vega has a superb range to poke outside the opponents range unless you're playing against Sim that is. If hit his cr.MP, you can confirm into his V-Trigger which does good damage. Now when the claw is off due to either taking to many hits or manually taking it off it allows MP to be cancelled in special attack, which can lead to awesome damage. Still doing more research on his hit boxes to see which hits where and how far.