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ljhughes1939's advice for Rashid in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 23, 2016

Rashid's V-trigger, in my opinion, is the best combo extender in the game. For example, it cancels out of standing roundhouse (HK) and from there you can go into EX Eagle Spike or even strong (MP) Spinning Mixer. On that note, Spinning Mixer is great for stun damage and pushing your opponent into the corner. Crouching Fierce (Down+HP) can combo into standing strong (MP) for devastating Critical Art (Super/Ultra) setups. His Critical Art, Altair, is great for jump-in punishes and can be canceled out of the first few frames of light Spinning Mixer. He has two V-Skills (MP+MK), a command jump, and forward roll. These moves can be canceled out of heavy Whirlwind Shot for an overhead low mix-up. The forward roll can get you under fireballs and has an afterward kick that can lead into heavy Spinning Mixer or a Critical Art. Rashid is all about mobility and flying around your opponents. Use his powerful moves to leave your foes guessing!